Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Colorado Vacation Rental is For Sale - The 420 Happy Hippie House

The 420 Happy Hippie House in Grand Junction is for sale as a business. The house along with all its furniture, equipment, and decor is being offered for $205K. The business includes over $15K of already booked reservations, one share of irrigation water, a website: HappyHippieHouse.com, a phone number 970-462-7405, and placement in advertising publications and on websites such as Leafly and others.

This business has been a proven money-making for the last three years and now has many repeat customers who book their vacations early to make sure they get the Happy Hippie House or the attached studio The Tie Dye Studio. Please see photos and reviews at https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/9307384 for the studio and https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/10603350 for the 2-bedroom apartment.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Redhorse Tipi installed at the Shamans Desert Camp

We have two new Workstay volunteers at the Shamans Camp, Olivia and Mitch. They along with Traveling Shaman Scott Redhorse Barta and other volunteers put up the Redhorse Tipi at the Shamans Desert Camp last weekend. We will be having ceremonies and programs in the tipi until we get our ceremonial tipi. Inquire by calling Julia at 970-200-LOVE if you'd like to stay at the Redhorse tipi.

Global Peace Walk 2018 in Taos, NM

If you'd like to join the Traveling Shamans camp at the Tribal Visions Festival, please contact the Events coordinator, Julia Widdop.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Summer Camp for Shamanic Volunteers

A core group of patrons, shamans, and volunteers are working to open the Traveling Shamans Desert Camp here in western Colorado for ceremonies with limited lodging for guests this summer. We plan to have a large tipi for ceremonial purposes, a sweat lodge, smaller tipis for volunteers and a tree house for guests.

We need volunteers who like building, landscaping, and painting murals. We're also hoping for photographers, videographers, and citizen journalists to document the process.

If you are interested in staying at the Shamans Camp to help out, please check out the Workstay Group on the website and book a webcam visit to talk about the details at VisitwithJulia.com. We also have lodging available for paying guests at the HappyHippieHouse.com. Vounteers are included in all shamanic activities held at the camp while they are here.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Traveling Shaman Redhorse Barta Builds Medicine Wheel Gardens

Redhorse Barta will be in residence at the Traveling Shamans Desert Camp in Grand Junction for several weeks as he builds a medicine wheel garden and a tipi for the Camp. The medicine wheel is already partially built and we are planning on having fire circles there soon. Watch website at TravelingShamans.com for a schedule of fire circles to be held at the Desert Camp. If you would like to help with the raising of the tipi this spring, call Julia at 970-200-LOVE.

Redhorse is also available for teaching about the medicine wheel and/or building a medicine wheel garden for you on your property.  You can join Friends of Redhorse Barta on the Traveling Shamans website, if you'd like to schedule a session with him, or have him build a medicine wheel garden. Redhorse may also available to travel to your area to build a medicine wheel garden for you. You can also connect with Redhorse at the Tribal Vision Festival in Taos June 29th - July 1st.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Join us at Tribal Vision Festival in Taos, NM

If you are interested in setting up camp at the festival with the Traveling Shamans from Colorado, please contact Julia Widdop at 970-200-LOVE. 

Tribal Vision Festival is an annual event which aims to bring awareness to global indigenous ceremony, culture & tradition amongst the backdrop of an awesome community inspired festival. we curate an amazing line up of eclectic musicians and a wide variety of workshops including leading-edge sustainable living practices,  well being and creative expression.

This is a benefit event - all profits from the festival are donated to a chosen indigenous preservation project. (we have yet to decide 2018’s cause.)

We have hosted elders and indigenous activists such as Pat McCabe, Lylaa June Johnston, Aumrak Sapper (Mayan priestess), Flor de Mayo (13 grandmothers), Chief Marvin Swallow, Nandhili, Yamato, and Grandma Rose Romero (Taos Pueblo). In the past, our workshops have featured some of the most profound teachers of our time, including Paul Stamets (author of bestseller Mycelium Running), "Bioneer" Miguel Santestevan, astrologist Kaypacha (with the Pele report) and Lisa Wimberger of the Neurosculpting Institute in Colorado.

We have been blessed with performances by musical artists including Supaman, Elephant Revival, Nahko & the medicine for the people, Lynx & Janover, Lunar Fire, Xerephine, Thealcapones, and Intuit.

The following is a brief historical outline and description of the landscape and culture that contributes to the magic of Taos, NM. Taos, a vastly beautiful high mountain desert town steeped in traditional culture, is the backdrop for TVF. This land is traditional stomping grounds for the Mescalero Apache, Taos pueblo Tiwa and many other tribes. The Taos pueblo region’s structures are the oldest buildings in North America which are still inhabited today. this region has been inhabited for over 3000 years and is one of the few pueblos to preserve their mud buildings and culture mostly uninterrupted from the gentrification of the united states.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Talk Story & Coffee

Do you have questions about the Shamanic Arts Studio, or one of our groups or projects? Come by the Copeka Coffee Shop for coffee any Tuesday morning at 10am and we'll talk story. We'll be on the left side of the coffee shop in the soft chairs. www.ShamanicArts.Studio.